What is the FMA PAC?

The Florida Medical Association Political Action Committee was established in 1974 to elect candidates to state office who will help advance the advocacy agenda of the Florida Medical Association.

The FMA PAC solicits voluntary contributions from healthcare professionals, their spouses, medical students and residents to research, select and support the election of medicine-friendly candidates.

During the 2017-2018 election cycle, the FMA PAC raised over $2,100,000.

Does the FMA PAC endorse both Democrats, and Republicans?

Yes. The FMA PAC is bi-partisan, supporting candidates of all parties who are pro-medicine. We work closely with County Medical Societies and our Physician Board Members from around the state to identify pro-medicine candidates as they seek elected office.

Who can donate to the FMA PAC?

Anyone can! The FMA PAC is comprised of physicians, their spouses, medical students, residents, and physician assistants. Many large groups and medical staffs around the state have given generous donations as well.

Who serves on the FMA PAC Board?

The FMA PAC Board & Executive Committee are comprised of physician leaders from around the state. There are up to 65 physician members, one medical student member, one resident member, one medical executive, and one FMA Alliance member.


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